Virtual Files


Support for URIs describing zip, s3, https resources. Relationship to GDAL vsicurl, vsis3 et al.



Requires GDAL 2.1.0

This is an extra feature that must be installed by executing

pip install rasterio[s3]

After you have configured your AWS credentials as explained in the boto3 guide you can read metadata and imagery from TIFFs stored as S3 objects with no change to your code.

with's3://landsat-pds/L8/139/045/LC81390452014295LGN00/LC81390452014295LGN00_B1.TIF') as src:

# Printed:
# {'blockxsize': 512,
#  'blockysize': 512,
#  'compress': 'deflate',
#  'count': 1,
#  'crs': {'init': u'epsg:32645'},
#  'driver': u'GTiff',
#  'dtype': 'uint16',
#  'height': 7791,
#  'interleave': 'band',
#  'nodata': None,
#  'tiled': True,
#  'transform': Affine(30.0, 0.0, 381885.0,
#        0.0, -30.0, 2512815.0),
#  'width': 7621}


AWS pricing concerns While this feature can reduce latency by reading fewer bytes from S3 compared to downloading the entire TIFF and opening locally, it does make at least 3 GET requests to fetch a TIFF’s profile as shown above and likely many more to fetch all the imagery from the TIFF. Consult the AWS S3 pricing guidelines before deciding if aws.Session is for you.