rio bounds

Write bounding boxes to stdout as GeoJSON for use with, e.g., geojsonio

$ rio bounds *.tif | geojsonio

If a destination crs is passed via dst_crs, it takes precedence over the projection parameter.

rio bounds [OPTIONS] INPUT...


--precision <precision>

Decimal precision of coordinates.

--indent <indent>

Indentation level for JSON output

--compact, --not-compact

Use compact separators (‘,’, ‘:’).


Output in geographic coordinates (the default).


Output in dataset’s own, projected coordinates.


Output in Web Mercator coordinates.

--dst-crs <EPSG:NNNN>

Output in specified coordinates.

--sequence, --collection

Write a LF-delimited sequence of texts containing individual objects (the default) or write a single JSON text containing a feature collection object.

--rs, --no-rs

Use RS (0x1E) as a prefix for individual texts in a sequence as per (default is False).


Output as GeoJSON feature(s).


Output as GeoJSON bounding box array(s).



Required argument(s)