rio info

Print metadata about the dataset as JSON.

Optionally print a single metadata item as a string.

rio info [OPTIONS] INPUT



Show data file structure (default).


Show data file tags.

--namespace <namespace>

Select a tag namespace.

--indent <indent>

Indentation level for pretty printed output


Print the count of bands.

-t, --dtype

Print the dtype name.


Print the nodata value.

-f, --format, --driver

Print the format driver.


Print the (height, width) shape.


Print the height (number of rows).


Print the width (number of columns).


Print the CRS as a PROJ.4 string.


Print the boundary coordinates (left, bottom, right, top).

-r, --res

Print pixel width and height.


Print longitude and latitude at center.


Print statistics (min, max, mean) of a single band (use –bidx).


Print integer checksum of a single band (use –bidx).


Print subdataset identifiers.

-v, --tell-me-more, --verbose

Output extra information.

-b, --bidx <bidx>

Input file band index (default: 1).

--masked, --not-masked

Evaluate expressions using masked arrays (the default) or ordinary numpy arrays.



Required argument