rio overview

Construct overviews in an existing dataset.

A pyramid of overviews computed once and stored in the dataset can improve performance in some applications.

The decimation levels at which to build overviews can be specified as a comma separated list

rio overview –build 2,4,8,16

or a base and range of exponents

rio overview –build 2^1..4

or ‘auto’ to automatically determine the maximum decimation level at which the smallest overview is smaller than 256 pixels in size.

rio overview –build auto

Note that overviews can not currently be removed and are not automatically updated when the dataset’s primary bands are modified.

Information about existing overviews can be printed using the –ls option.

rio overview –ls

rio overview [OPTIONS] INPUT


--build <f1,f2,…|b^min..max|auto>

A sequence of decimation factors specified as comma-separated list of numbers or a base and range of exponents, or ‘auto’ to automatically determine the maximum factor.


Print the overviews for each band.


Reconstruct existing overviews.

--resampling <resampling>

Resampling algorithm.




nearest | bilinear | cubic | cubic_spline | lanczos | average | mode | gauss | rms



Required argument