Image processing software

Some python image processing software packages organize arrays differently than rasterio. The interpretation of a 3-dimension array read from rasterio is:

(bands, rows, columns)

while image processing software like scikit-image, pillow and matplotlib are generally ordered:

(rows, columns, bands)

The number of rows defines the dataset’s height, the columns are the dataset’s width.

Numpy provides a way to efficiently swap the axis order and you can use the following reshape functions to convert between raster and image axis order:

>>> import rasterio
>>> from rasterio.plot import reshape_as_raster, reshape_as_image

>>> raster ="tests/data/RGB.byte.tif").read()
>>> raster.shape
(3, 718, 791)

>>> image = reshape_as_image(raster)
>>> image.shape
(718, 791, 3)

>>> raster2 = reshape_as_raster(image)
>>> raster2.shape
(3, 718, 791)